Top 5 Interior designs from different countries will amaze you!!

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Moroccan Interior Designs

Moroccan designs are smooth and mostly in blue and white patterns. Morrocan interiors are costly and time consuming. though there are ready made and machine produced design which can be easy to use and fix but the real taste is only in to the hand crafted designs on wall and ceilings.

Iranian Design

Iranian designs are quite expensive and lavish. They have separate rooms for Hamam that is a sophisticated hot steam and warm water bath tub with herbal assistance. Iranian interiors have been always impressed by Kazak and Afghani sitting and leaving areas.

Indian Drawing rooms

Indian living styles are quite crowd as Indian culture still hangs around friendly societies and inviting in rather than going out. The more the room is full and rich more the value of owner.

Yes the stuffed rooms impasses the Indian visitors.

Japanese Open wardrobes

Japanese culture sums up respect and samurai culture returning to world’s great civilization destroyed an age ago. But Japanese people have still embossed the respect and value of Samurai Culture in their living. A country like Japan is supported by wooden and sitting system in their day to day living homes.

Egypt the art of living

The kingdoms on banks of Neil has surprised the modern age with the new discoveries done digger down under mist and dust of deserts with great empires and living dead. They lavish culture of Egyptian empire has left a great impression over civilization that tracked it self from Rome to Persia.

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