Indian MPs and their Salary as well as expenditure on them Shocking and eye opening.

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I have been away from the keyboard for a while. I apologize for that. Meanwhile I was collecting a lot of content from current affairs around the State. Today I am going to write out some comparisons expenditure on MPs and fees of private schools.

Why I am collecting only these two topics? Because it matters to a common citizen of India and both run as coin’s two sides. Let’s go through and no more drama.

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Indian citizen paid  Rs 176 crore to its 543 LOK SABHA Members in just salary and expenses over last year. This means that from the pocket of Indian citizens each Member of Parliament received 2.7 lakh per month according to 2016, an article published  in The Hindu, a reputed newspaper.

Let me breakdown the expenditure on each MP

Salary of an MP Basics          50,000 Rs.

Constituency allowance         45,000 Rs. (I don’t know why this is needed.)

Office Expense                        15,000 Rs.

Secretarial Assistance            30,000 Rs.

Total Till now                          1,40,000 (1 Lakh 40 thousand)

Well, this is the salary of an established IT company’s CEO. This is not enough, here is top up…

During Parliamentary sessions  Daily Allowance          2,000 Rs. (count yourself  how much a month and that is after above perks)

Reimbursed for 34 flight trips                                           50,000 Rs approx (Normally an MP Travels 5 to 6 times a month)

Unlimited Rail-road Travel                                                 Who counts that


So now you have your own finger tips on your front to count the pocket money of our own elected MPs of Indian nation and you can see the nail of your own figure you voted.



I am not behind or following any party to target, I am trying to express my worry towards the national budget and step ups towards the development. someone said, “First step to solve a problem is to know if there is one”. Thus, as a citizen of a great economy and great civilization with largest Tax payers on earth, we should as where our money is going. I appreciate your responses in comments section.


Source: Compiled by PRS Legislative Research from India, The Salary Allowances and Pension of MPs (Amendment) Bill 2010, Ammenities for MPs, Lok Sabha secretariat, 
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