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Global interest in using nuclear power as an alternative source is on the rise, but it certainly needs attention. What do you have to say about it?

Clue: This is an Opinion essay

There are few things to keep in mind before writing Opinion Essay. You can either write four paragraphs or five with contradict paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1 : This is the Introduction paragraph. In this paragraph you have to explain both sides and give your stand.
  • Paragraph 2: In this paragraph you have to give reason for your stand, explain and give example if possible with statistics.
  • Paragraph 3: In this paragraph you have to give reason for your stand, explain and give example if possible with statistics.
  • Paragraph 4: Contradict Optional  In this paragraph you have to explain other side and then again give your opinion on your stand
  • Paragraph 5: Here you give your final opinion with agree disagree and try to convince the reader.


As non-renewable sources are getting exhausted, scientists are in continual search of other alternative sources of energy. Nuclear power is one such alternative source of energy which is being used presently for a variety of purposes.


Many developed countries make use of nuclear energy for producing electricity. Countries like US and France are the top users of nuclear energy as a source of electricity. One of the biggest advantages is that it produces cheap electricity with less pollution. For many years, radiation from radioactive substances like radium has been used for the treatment of cancer. Radioactive substances are also used in medicine, agriculture and industry.  The shelf life of perishable food stuff increases and it remains fresh for a longer period when exposed to radiation without a change in taste. Nuclear explosives are sued for explosions in the mountainous areas to lay roads, for building dams and even for mining purpose. Water retention capacity of a dry land can also be increased through blasts.


On the other hand, the safe storage and disposal of nuclear wastes is the biggest issue with the use of nuclear energy. According to united States Environmental Protection Agency standards, it will take 10,000 years for radioactive decay to pose no threat to the environment. Nuclear power plant workers and people living in the vicinity are at a risk of cancer induced by nuclear radiation. Furthermore, the production of electricity through nuclear power plants requires large amounts of water, which means sacrifice of a part of fresh water. The initial investment cost to set up a nuclear power plant is too high, so only some countries could afford it.


The use of nuclear energy is unavoidable at present, but its disposal is of major concern. One must find a solution to it at the earliest or find some other better alternative source of energy.

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