“Euthanasia,” a word new to many people around the world, refers self-imposed death or mercy killing of a person with terminal illness when he does not have a slightest chance of survival. The non-advocates of euthanasia feel it is non-ethical and cannot be legalised. Do you feel it should be legalised?

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Some countries like Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands have already legalised  euthanasia, but there are some ethical and political issues attached to this burning issue which makes it illegal across the world.


Personally, I do believe that it should be made legal, but only under certain circumstances. If a patient is on life-support system or with terminal illness which causes him relentless pain and distress, then euthanasia should be considered. This not only relieves him of his pain and mercy but also provides relief to his near and dear ones who too go through a tremendous mental agony. From a larger perspective, it is also good for a country where hospitals remain full of such patients, with no hope of cure, just occupying the spaces. Thus, it is a practical and human approach to grant the patient his last wish to end his life in a merciful and relatively painless manner.


Just to see the other side of it, what if the family members or immediate relatives are allowed to take the decision of mercy killing? A big worry is that in several places where poverty is extensive, people would use this as a weapon and not care for the old and ill ones. Even a patient can be victimised for some personal gains like property by getting a legal permission for mercy killing adopting wrong ways. So, the only thing which can be  done in this situation is that laws should be put in place to make sure that there are proper standards to avoid any unnecessary death.


If medical science had not advanced to the levels it has, a terminal illness patient would have already been dead and the end-result would have been the same as euthanasia. Once again, I would favour it, but with proper laws enforced making it impossible for anyone to take advantage of it.

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