Do you believe in spending money and enjoying life in present or in saving and investing it for future?

Clue: This is an Opinion essay

There are few things to keep in mind before writing Opinion Essay. You can either write four paragraphs or five with contradict paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1 : This is the Introduction paragraph. In this paragraph you have to explain both sides and give your stand.
  • Paragraph 2: In this paragraph you have to give reason for your stand, explain and give example if possible with statistics.
  • Paragraph 3: In this paragraph you have to give reason for your stand, explain and give example if possible with statistics.
  • Paragraph 4: Contradict Optional  In this paragraph you have to explain other side and then again give your opinion on your stand
  • Paragraph 5: Here you give your final opinion with agree disagree and try to convince the reader.


To live in today, i.e., working hard for money and spending it for enjoyment in present, is a youngsters’ thought, whereas saving and investing money rather than spending it on momentary pleasures is a mature thought.


Choosing to spend money does not mean to enjoy life in a materialistic sense with whatever you have. It is just that you give present more priority than future. Killing all the desires today and not living life to the fullest, how in the future do you expect to spend that money when you are old or left alone? When people earn money, they should spend it on themselves for relaxation and recreation, and for getting energy, motivation and inspiration to do their jobs better. There is a famous proverb too, ” All work no play makes jack a dull boy. ” If you do not enjoy what you earn, you live a dull and boring life. There should be a proper planning of budget for necessities, fun things and vacations too. One should not live like a miser.


But, if you live a longer life than what you had expected, or there is a financial disaster or a jobless situation? Moreover, emergencies like accidents come without any warning and we all are aware what problems old age brings. Agreed that when you save or invest today, you sacrifice a little, but then, you are prepared for any rainy day. You will have a secure future, and survival would become vary easy without a change in lifestyle. Talking about myself, the feeling that my investment of today is my financial security of tomorrow itself is so relieving as future means uncertainty.


To conclude, a person should spend to make himself happy, but very wisely. Saving too is necessary to make the best investment for a bright tomorrow ahead.

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