Capital punishment, or death penalty, is a debatable practice. In many countries it is valid, while others consider it inhuman and are against it. What are your views

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There are few things to keep in mind before writing Opinion Essay. You can either write four paragraphs or five with contradict paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1 : This is the Introduction paragraph. In this paragraph you have to explain both sides and give your stand.
  • Paragraph 2: In this paragraph you have to give reason for your stand, explain and give example if possible with statistics.
  • Paragraph 3: In this paragraph you have to give reason for your stand, explain and give example if possible with statistics.
  • Paragraph 4: Contradict Optional  In this paragraph you have to explain other side and then again give your opinion on your stand
  • Paragraph 5: Here you give your final opinion with agree disagree and try to convince the reader.

(Paragraph 1 Give you stand and make it clear what is your opinion)

Every country has its own set of punishments to maintain law and order. If the punishments are strict, a person will think twice before committing a crime. Capital punishment is one such form of punishment, but it is not accepted by all the countries and is highly controversial.

(Support you opinion)

Punishment is basically given to make a person realise his mistake. If there is even a slightest chance that a criminal can be diverted from the wrong path and can be reformed, then he should be rehabilitated and brought back in the society. In the case where the conscience of the criminal is dead and there are no chances of him to regain a normal state of mind, he becomes dangerous for society and capital punishment can be considered valid. Terrorists and serial killers fall in this category.


However, the death penalty or the capital punishment is a human decision, so there are chances of wrong judgments begin given. Even manipulating the evidences to turn the judgement in one’s favor is common nowadays. People find out the loopholes in the judicial system and try to take advantage. This result in innocent people getting punishment and guilty people coming out with clean hands. Thus, if a person given capital punishment is actually not guilty, then it is definitely the biggest failure of our justice system and puts a question mark on capital punishment.


I strongly believe that the circumstances in which a crime is committed should always be taken into account. For example, if a murder is done for self-defence, then the murderer can be considered non-guilty and not a threat to the society. However, a cold blooded murderer cannot be forgiven and needs to be punished severely, in extreme cases by death penalty, in the favour of society.

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