Warning! We, the human are developing our own boss; Artificial intelligence!

Mankind has grown with the brain and which is growing faster than the light speed. For an example, it wasn’t easy to be a press firm for a simple man and now you can be a blogger/press/whatever you call yourself in just less than 100$ a year.


The best part is you can earn with Google for having interesting content on it? How tasty is it to know? I mean money with spreading news for free? No paper, no ink, just your finger skills? Yes, but you not knowing that this is in actually the magic of Artificial intelligence that has been designed, worked, crafted and nicely presented to you by people call Google.


Yes I call Google, a people not a machine. Because it has grown to a larger scale than human and it doesn’t sleep providing information to everyone 24X7 around the globe and funniest thing is you can’t write now google, it has to be Google.

It shows you an error in MS word that you have to write “Google” not “Google”. Now if it’s a male or female I leave up to you.


Well, let’s jump to the topic on my reason behind writing on why “we are developing and hiring our new boss of mankind not being mankind.” Have you heard about a machine handles your business better than you? Yes, If am reaching out to ERP guys they will understand better but the way they will explain you is boring so let me find another way.

Ok. You pay to Google for your business to grow and it typically provides you algorithm and throws your name to chosen audience. This is how you earn the business with sitting at a corner with a team and a floor.

This is not it. Google gives you advise, what is wrong with your online content, what kind of users are losing interest on what page, why and how, the user journey and behavior model of analytics deeply explains you how you can reach to the brain interest of your audience.

But now the tables are turning as we are more oriented with results. Yes, the algos are already designed and you will get a receptionist, marketing expert and accountant (which is already there now) and serving banker to your cloud based business.

But one thing is for sure, you are just an investor now, rest all is belonging of AI.

We are jumping in to this ship in crowds to live secure life but what we are doing is, we are giving our earning rights to very few codes.

All in once, Let’s not give everything to Artificial intelligence, let’s be a hard worker and take part in business and leave not the human interaction apart from the day to day business intelligence or you will soon find Amazon Alexa as your wife locking you out of the door if you forget the batteries for her because she would have ordered as you didn’t care. Or she would order everything on your behalf which is non refundable and more than your package.


No Offence.


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Adi Milan

Adi Milan is a professional blogger with over 5 years of experience in multiple industries. He has been writing for Fashion, IT, digital marketing, political affairs, psychological publishing and much more.

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