Top Secret Facts of Up coming movie “Sanju baba” | Played by Ranbeer Kapoor

Honestly We haven’t tasted any good movie since almost 2 years. All we watched is debates and political news on TV. Also the Bollywood has not given us a good shot since Raees.

Some of the picks of the movie:

So finally, to rock the Block Buster, the latest snaps coming are of “Sanju Baba” and it’s trailer.


  1. Ranbeer Kapoor is playing Sanju baba
  2. He was chosen after permission of himself Sanjubaba
  3. Ranbeer was one of the 120 Auditions including Ranbeer Kapoor and other new comers.
  4. There are many facts of Sanjay dutt’s life which are shown in the movie with a little bit twists.

There are many scenes of his personal and private life were taken but after objection of Sanjay Dutt they were twisted. Sanjay Dutt was firstly not happy with Ranbeer’s act in the movie but then he was eventually happy to go ahead.


By day and night, the producer and director of ‘Sanju’ are handling the curiosity of the audience by releasing new posters of the protagonist Ranbir Kapoor donning different shades of Sanjay Dutt from his life. Yes, here is the first posters of him.



Sanjay Dutt played the Marathi Don Ravi Pujari style in some scenes as well in the movie. Well, it is still a myth to know but yes the trailer has it s impression on it. Here is a glimpse.



His Earlier life scenes are more impressive then other poses from the movie. His look of his 20s are more impressive. I think Ranbeer would have enjoyed the most in playing Sanju baba of these roles minutes.



As compared to the look of Rabeer impressing as Sanjubaba, SAnjay Dutt was more dashing and attractive in his 20s.



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