It’s an Art of Choosing Blouse Design

Did you know in the history of Indian clothing, saree dates back to 1800 BC i.e. Indus Valley Civilization?

No matter how antiquated this particular attire is; it has never gone out of fashion apart from being a traditional wear. These days, interestingly, the latest fashion among Indian women is saree which is again followed with designer blouse.

The beauty of a saree is only enhanced and becomes prominent, when it’s paired with a beautifully designed blouse piece. This is the only reason equal importance is now given to the design of a blouse as much as it is given to the saree design.


In the era when the Internet was computers were far-off and television was also not commonplace in India, Indian women used to heavily depend upon the sarees which came with an extra piece. They used to carry this piece of cloth to the tailor to give it a desired shape and design.


In those days, the tailor used to show them a catalog with different yet repetitive blouse neck designs. The ladies then having no other option had to select one which they thought would go well with their saree and personality.

Although the designs kept changing at regular intervals, very few people were able to get updates about the changing fashion, with fewer having access to TV commercials and others getting tips from various magazines.


Thanks to the technology and e-commercialization, we can now get info on all the latest trends with just a few clicks. Plus, we can avail the latest arrival through online shopping.

Internet today bombarded with a myriad of e-boutiques and retail stores, offering designer sarees and beautiful blouse designs as well. We can now get an ample variety in ready-made blouses which are available with various neck designs, embroidery work and heavy embellishments.


Women are now clinging towards mix and match fashion. They buy a simple saree with less detailing and pair it with a heavily embroidered blouse, which alters the look of the saree. The complete attire looks extremely glamorous, ready for a party-wear or any function.

Bollywood actresses be it of 60’s, 80’s, 90’s or 21st century’s, they have always emphasized on the blouse designs to maintain their glamor on-screen. This style quotient has always stood the test of time. A beautifully embroidered or perfect tailor-stitched bodice can alter the over look. Same way an ill-stitched or mismatched piece can ruin the entire look, no matter how glamorous the saree is.


FashionLady brings to you some must-have neck designs which will accentuate your physical features elegantly. Continue reading!

Round And Square Neck Designs

These are the most regular shapes when it comes to picking a design for under-the saree-wears. These designs look great both on taller and shorter women. You can easily get a variety of styles and in all possible sizes online.

Round neck blouse designs and Square neck designs look better on petite women. These give an illusion of broad shoulders.


Rectangular and oval neck

These shapes particularly suit women with short heights, as they enhance their personality, by making their saree look more beautiful on them.

However, the depth of the neckline completely depends upon you. If your saree is heavy then there is no logic of having a plunging neckline, instead you can go backless or low back design to flaunt your sexual appeal.

hinese Collar

Chinese collar became famous with Rekha, when she started donning this design for almost all her movies in 80s, whenever she was required to wear a saree. This design has become her trademark design, which she has maintained till date.

High Neck Design

Sridevi looks gorgeous in high neck design blouse.

This blouse design looks great on women having long and thin neck, as it highlights their best features. You can wear this design to a wedding ceremony, cocktail party or to any occasion. This high profile design will help you enjoy all the flattering glances you receive.


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