Secrete revealed! 30 days and be boosted on Instagram



After Facebook has abandoned many easy and spamming algorithms, Instagram is the best place to get yourself going. Also he instagram is the second most used platform now days.

I have used instagram to help my many of clients for their fashion, hospitality and travel related business to target their audience.

Let me tell you how you have to be smart to get the lead in instagram. I am going to share a 30 days plan to get rich on Instagram.

So follow me.


Day 1: Inspiring Story. Inspire your audience to read your catchy story

Day 2: Demonstrate your skills, work and portfolio in advance mode

Day 3: Share your best techniques to your audience so they can also be inspired

Day 4: Introduce yourself in a short and interesting way

Day 5: Every week (4 week) end of the week celebration

Day 6: You can support to others and tag them in each post

Day 7: Share you content of your niche and reach out to your audience

Day 8: Make sure you audience knows where you from are

Day9:  Do not forget to demonstrate how you created your content so they also get inspired to create

Day 10: Think on how you will inspire them to visit your other channels like facebook, twitter, Pintrest, etc.

Day 11: Engage your niche audience with quiz and funny quotes. Don’t just make your post boring with niche content.

Day 12: Keep thanking them to make sure they feel that you are not a bot and areal time content provider

Day 13: Thank your fans for being there and being engaged with your content.

Day 14: Share different snippets so you have engagements

Day 15: Promote your offers and go for discount related coupons

Day 16: Share your best resources

Day 17: Promote and do paid branding on fb and insta

Day 18: You cannot win until you have a back story of your brand to reach to customer’s wish

Day 19: bring the best ways to promote your product.

Day 20: Post events related to your products with friends and upload content related to that

Day 21: Do not hesitate to pay to Insta and fb for your content to promote to as many as people

Day 22: Now the time is to go for promoting your product with lots of images about the products

Day 23: Promote to your Email list via sharing your content from Instagram

Day 24: User whatsapp to share you content

Day 25: Share the HD content to ask users to read through

Day 26: If you product has before after theory? Use it fairly

Day 27: Tags are the best part for the story to enhance the audience

Day 28: Reveal your hobbies and passions; do not forget to keep it awesome

Day 29: Your content must be a viral content and engaging

Day 30: Let your business competitor know you are there so the customers of them will know

And Stay successful.

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