Chhichhore Movie Review | How much out of 10?

Relatable characters with a perfectly woven storyline between past and present. Treat to watch while recollecting golden memories of your college days.
It’s not 3 Idiots, It’s Chhichhore

After at most 9.5 years Bollywood has given movie that shows Stop thinking too much about being a success, its okay to be failure . Movie starts with tragedy which is caused by not getting success at first attempt. However first attempt took heck of time and efforts still quitting is not things to go with.

You may feel this an advance version of "fukrey"

Sushant Singh did the job, they way his Posture and Gesture was filmed public responded generously. Even though movies seems serious at first, but then the comedy boosts.Nitesh Tiwari has done marvellous job representing Six Losers with ambitions to be the winner. Winner in terms of life, not in academics. Ending of Chhichhore has some twist should i say that…..naaa.. I guess you can go and see by your self.

A must watch movies for youngsters and their parents, but i wont recommend going in movie with parents :P.

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